GIS Mapping and Data Interpretation

Do you have habitat, sites or species information you need mapping?

Effective data display can make an impact and make your message stand out

  • DBRC use Mapinfo GIS to display and present data and are able to create maps to showcase your work.
  • We can map and calculate areas of habitats to your specific requirements or calculate distances, for example for protected species licence applications.
  • We can provide you with maps in Jpeg or GIS format (subject to your licensing agreements with OS).

Example of previous clients:

  • Richard Green Ecology – Bovey Basin Habitat Opportunities Map.
  • Devon Wildlife Consultants – Phase 1 Habitat Maps.
  • Devon Bird Watching and Preservation Society – Mapping of White Wagtails.
  • Devon County Council – Calculating habitat areas for Strategic Nature Area Profiles.
  • Environment Agency – Calculating habitat areas for Floodplain Woodland maps.