East Devon SNAs

Unique number Area nameMain Habitat
60Widworthy Hill to PennyhayesNeutral grassland
62OffwellLowland Heath
63Hembury to St Cyres' HillPurple Moor Grass and Rush Pasture
65Great TrillNeutral grassland
66ChardstockPurple Moor Grass and Rush Pasture
67ChurchinfordPurple Moor Grass and Rush Pasture
95Purple Moor Grass and Rush Pasture
215FurleyNeutral grassland
216TurfmoorNeutral grassland
217Heathstock to ElfordPurple Moor Grass and Rush Pasture
218Hense MoorLowland Heath
219DunkeswellPurple Moor Grass and Rush Pasture
220Hackpen Hill to North HillLowland Heath
225Purple Moor Grass and Rush Pasture
367WiscombeNeutral grassland
368Lowland Heath
369SidburyNeutral grassland
371Coastal and Floodplain Grazing Marsh
441Sidmouth to Beer CoastLimestone grassland
491Coastal and Floodplain Grazing Marsh
492Southleigh and Branscombe HillsWoodland
493Coastal and Floodplain Grazing Marsh
539RockenhayneNeutral grassland
545East Hill StripsLowland Heath
599Trinity HillLowland Heath
618WareLimestone Grassland
619CombpyneNeutral grassland
631Stockland HillLowland Heath
1182Maritime Cliff and Slope
1191UndercliffsMaritime Cliff and Slope