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Please note that data search prices increased on May 23rd 2022 in line with increased business costs. You can see the new prices in the document below. Thank you for your understanding.

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    A standard data search includes statutory and non-statutory sites and legally protected and notable species records around a small site or central grid reference

    A standard marine data search includes magafauna sightings, notable species and marine habitats including sabellaria reefs and seagrass beds

    Bat species records are included in the terrestrial data search but you may require bats over a larger area, roost data or want just bat species in your data search. A bat data search will bring up detailed bat species records we hold within your specified area including abundances and roost data. These include records from Natural England, consultants and incidental records. Please note we do not hold records for Devon bat group. To access their records you will need to contact them directly.

    A habitat data search will include BAP habitats and Strategic Nature Areas.

    The calculator button will show the cost of a standard ‘around centroid’ and ‘around area (smaller than 1 square Km)’ search. Areas larger than 1 square Km will be quoted for.

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