DBRC surveyors retake FISC Accreditation

DBRC’s field team have recently retaken their national FISC accreditation, with Paul Seymour moving from a grade to 4 to grade 5, and Jack Rivers gaining his first grade 4. To operate at this level requires significant investment in self learning, as well as the professional development we can provide, so we are extremely proud of their achievements.

DBRC launches new Japanese Knotweed Record reporting form

The DBRC is proud to announce the launch of our new Japanese Knotweed reporting form. Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is an invasive species that unfortunately thrives in Britain, to the point of overrunning existing native species. It can regrow from the smallest fragments and is tolerant of very poor conditions. Local Authorities, including those in Devon, are desperate to find ways of eradicating this serious pest.

If you find Japanese Knotweed, you can now submit those records here. This will enable us to help track the spread of this invasive species through the Devon Land scape.

Please note: It is not illegal for Japanese Knotweed to be present on a property, only to allow it to spread. DBRC does not provide any removal or formal reporting services for Japanese Knotweed. Records are for monitoring the state of Devon’s Biodiversity. For further information on Japanese Knotweed, please visit the Devon Local Nature Partnership.