Grassland Plant Identification Course

20th – 21st June 2019, Woodah Farm, nr Exeter

This course will be based at Woodah Farm in Devon (approximately 10 miles south of Exeter). Course costs are £180 + VAT for ‘early bird’ bookings made before the end of May and £220 + VAT for bookings made thereafter.  To book onto the course, please call us on (01392) 274128.

A two day course based at Woodah Farm in Devon (approximately 10 miles south of Exeter). This course will provide an introduction to grassland plant identification, grassland ecology and survey. Emphasis will be put on practical survey experience and plant identification, particularly identification using vegetative features. Course participants will visit a range of grassland habitats located at nearby County Wildlife Sites and Devon Wildlife Trust reserves.

By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with a variety of grassland habitat types and will be confident with the identification of a range of grass, rush, sedge and herbaceous species. Course attendees will become familiar with unimproved, semi-improved and improved swards and will have a greater understanding of how physical features (such as hydrology and pH) affect grassland sward composition.

Day 1

Classroom session

Introduction to grasses, sedges, rushes and herbaceous species.  Learn how grassland management affects species composition in swards, with a particular focus in looking at unimproved, semi-improved and improved grasslands.

Field Visits

Field visits to grassland sites including County Wildlife Sites (CWS) and Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT) nature reserves.  Focus on grassland plant identification.

Day 2

Classroom session

  • Grassland communities and indicator species ( used to identify acid/calcareous/neutral, wet/dry and improved/semi-improved/unimproved characteristics.
  • Grassland management
  • Grassland classification ( BAP, Phase 1, and NVC.

Field Visits

Field visits to several grassland sites including CWS and DWT nature reserves. Focus on grassland plant identification, grassland management and survey techniques.

Please let us know about any mobility needs when booking onto the course so we plan our site visits accordingly.

If it is necessary for you to cancel your booking, please inform DBRC as soon as possible. If a cancellation is made less than one calendar month before the start of the course, whether deliberately or by default, the balance of fees must be paid in full, a condition which is accepted when the booking is confirmed.