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Working Wetlands Project (Biffa Flagship)

During 2013/2014 DBRC have been engaged to provide detailed mapping and data analysis support to this ground breaking project.  Now in its 6th year, Working Wetlands is a long-term project working alongside landowners to recreate a Living Landscape in the Culm area of Devon. The project works across three target areas. 

Knowstone and Witheridgeculmmap

Hollow Moor

Torridge and Tamar headwaters

What is Culm?

Culm grasslands are internationally important - they are home to some of the nation’s most threatened wildlife, such as the marsh fritillary butterfly and the narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth. 

Culm serves other important functions like reducing pollution in watercourses by acting as a buffer from more intensive agriculture upstream. The impacts of unseasonably high rainfall are reduced as the land acts like a sponge, absorbing high levels of rainfall and then slowly releasing the water during periods of drought. 

One of the main threats to Culm wildlife is habitat fragmentation. Sites are often very small and widely spaced, which leaves species requiring Culm for their survival in a precarious position. 

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