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Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Basking shark
Blue shark
Bottlenose dolphin
Common dolphin
Cuvier's beaked whale
Fin whale
Grey seal
Harbour porpoise
Humpback whale
Leatherback turtle
Loggerhead turtle
Minke whale
Pygmy sperm whale
Risso's dolphin
Sowerby's beaked whale
Striped dolphin
White-beaked dolphin

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Please note these strandings are updated annually at the end of each year.

  • Bottlenose dolphin Bottlenose dolphin Common dolphin Common dolphin
  • Harbour porpoise Harbour porpoise Basking shark Basking shark
  • Grey seal Grey seal Minke whale Minke whale
  • Risso's dolphin Risso's dolphin Long-finned pilot whale Long-finned pilot whale
  • Atlantic white-sided dolphin Atlantic white-sided dolphin Leatherback turtle Leatherback turtle
  • White-beaked dolphin White-beaked dolphin Portuguese man of war Portuguese man of war
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Records are updated on a monthly basis

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