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Basking shark
Bottlenose dolphin
Cetacean species
Common (harbour) seal
Common dolphin
Dolphin species
Grey seal
Harbour porpoise
Humpback whale
Killer whale
Large whale
Leatherback turtle
Loggerhead turtle
Long-finned pilot whale
Minke whale
Portuguese Man o'War
Risso's dolphin
Seal sp
Shark sp.
Sperm whale
Turtle sp.
White-beaked dolphin

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Please note these sightings are updated annually at the end of each year.

  • Bottlenose dolphin Bottlenose dolphin Common dolphin Common dolphin
  • Harbour porpoise Harbour porpoise Basking shark Basking shark
  • Grey seal Grey seal Minke whale Minke whale
  • Risso's dolphin Risso's dolphin Long-finned pilot whale Long-finned pilot whale
  • Atlantic white-sided dolphin Atlantic white-sided dolphin Leatherback turtle Leatherback turtle
  • White-beaked dolphin White-beaked dolphin
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Records are updated on a monthly basis

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