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Data access – DBRC position statement

Added: 14th November 2017

This paper provides an introduction to, and sets out DBRC’s current position on the topic of data access, dealing specifically with the free / open data movement in relation to our current operating model.  This is specifically relevant since the launch of the NBN Atlas, its introduction of Creative Commons licensing and the removal of access controls.  Access controls within its predecessor ‘the NBN Gateway’ meant DBRC could allow different audiences access to the data we published at varying resolutions, depending on a range of protocols agreed by our partnership.  This ensured the security of that data and allowed DBRC to manage the many sensitivities over data ownership, and the location of protected/rare/vulnerable species within the public domain.


At this time DBRC’s partnership is working constructively with local and national organisations, and the NBN Trust, to find an appropriate way forward.  The return of access controls, and the adoption of the principles set out within the spectrum of ‘Open’ data (ie shared data), and the development of delivery mechanisms within the Atlas that are useful to LERCs, is crucial to DBRC being able to share data through this national portal.

Data access – DBRC position statement

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