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Otter survey volunteers wanted for Yarner wood

Added: 8th March 2017

Albert Knott, Reserves Manager for Yarner Wood, Dartmoor NNRs  is looking for volunteers at Yarner wood to survey for otters and he has asked us to pass on this message:

“At East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve, a committed group of volunteers has been monitoring otters for the last three years plus. Although we have found some interesting findings, there are more we are yet to find. We have split the site into 15 long sections, some of which can be broken down to smaller sections. Some of these section need new volunteers so please contact me if you are interested and want to improve our knowledge. We will train you on site, but cannot promise otter signs all the time. “
Please contact Albert, if you are interested on 01626 831581, 07704704065 or

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