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DBRC training courses 2017

Grassland plant identification course

22nd/23rd June, Woodah Farm nr Exeter
£180 + VAT (earlybird offer- ends 31st May) /£220 + VAT thereafterStachys_officinalis

This course will provide an introduction to grassland plant identification, grassland ecology and survey.  Emphasis will be made on practical survey experience and plant identification, particularly identification using vegetative features. Course participants will visit a range of grassland habitats located at nearby County Wildlife Sites and Devon Wildlife Trust reserves.  By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with a variety of grassland habitat types and will be confident with the identification of a range of grass, rush, sedge and herbaceous species.  Course attendees will be familiar with unimproved, semi-improved and improved swards and will have a greater understanding of how physical features (such as hydrology and pH) affect grassland sward composition.

Additional topics covered within the course will include grassland management, classification and survey technique.

More detailed information on this course.

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