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Species datasets held at DBRC

We hold the following species datasets:
  • 1,400,000 plant records from the Botanical Society of the British Isles
  • 500,000 records for the Plymouth area, from the late Dr Andy Stevens (formerly Plymouth City Council Nature Conservation Officer.)
  • 180,000 Incidental records
  • 253,000 bird records from Devon Bird Watching and Preservation Society
  • 926,800 moth records from the Devon Moth Group
  • 183,200 species records from the County Wildlife Site survey
  • 90,800 records from the Biodiversity Monitoring Framework Project.
  • 189,000 butterfly records from Butterfly Conservation
  • 109,900 marine (subtidal) records on Marine Recorder, including 91,000 dive survey records from Seasearch and the MNCR database 
  • 11,000 bat records from Natural EnglandAdder_Dave_Whitmarsh
  • 6,000 fish and invertebrate records from the Environment Agency
  • 3,600 records of cetaceans & other marine megafauna from Sea Watch Foundation and the Cetacean Recording Network volunteers.
  • 19,000 dragonfly records from British Dragonfly Society
  • Devon Wildlife Trust nature reserve records.
  • Databases for Devon Mammal Groups and Devon Reptile and Amphibian Group.

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