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South Devon AONB – Habitat & Species Audit

DBRC is creating a habitat and species inventory for the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The inventory covers terrestrial habitats, and marine and terrestrial species within a 1km buffer of the AONB boundary.

The first part of the work involves creating a list of all marine and terrestrial species found within the AONB and the 1km buffer (the buffer allows us to include marine species, and records of mobile species just outside of the AONB).  The inventory will provide the AONB staff with a snapshot of what is known about species within the AONB.

The second part of the work will concentrate on the habitats and species listed under Section 41 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 (the NERC Act).  These are the most important habitats and species, and are the ones that the AONB staff need to know about for their work.   The inventory will identify whether the habitats and species are widespread or have a restricted distribution, if they are only found in a specific geographical area e.g. the coast, and if they are associated with any important wildlife sites.  It will also identify which broad habitats the species were found in.

The AONB staff will use this information to develop the 2014-19 South Devon AONB Management Strategy text and the 2014-19 South Devon AONB Delivery Plan priorities and projects.  It will also be used in the South Devon AONB’s contribution toward the Government’s Biodiversity 2020 Outcomes

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