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Site boundaries

  • County Wildlife Sites
    We are the custodian for Devon County Wildlife site boundaries and survey data.  You cannot get County Wildlife Site data from anyone else.

  • Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS)
    We hold data on  Regionally Important Geological Sites  (RIGS)/County Geological Sites (CGS) on behalf of the Devon RIGS Group.

We can also provide boundaries of the following statutory and non-statutory sites which we have on our MapInfo GIS system:

  • Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)
  • Special Protection Areas (SPA)
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • Other Sites of Wildlife Interest (OSWI)
  • Proposed County Wildlife Sites (pCWS)
  • Unconfirmed Wildlife Sites (UWS)
  • Culm Grassland sites
  • Biodiversity Networks
  • Ancient Woodland Inventory (AWI) sites

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