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Shoresearch Exmoor project

Through this project DBRC are partnering Devon Wildlife Trust in gathering information that will support efforts to add North Devon sites to a network of marine protection around the UK.  An area of coastal water from Bideford to Foreland Point is being considered as a potential Marine Conservation Zone and Shoresearch Exmoor will provide more evidence on the value of Exmoor’s coast within this process.

Exmoor’s most wanted

Species they will be looking out for include:

  • Dog whelk – an important seashore predator, in serious decline until poisonous anti-fouling paint was made illegal.
  • Honeycomb worm – builds impressive structures on the rocky edges of sandy beaches.
  • Strawberry beadlet anemone - a colourful but deadly (to tiny sea creatures!) part of the rockpool community.
  • Wireweed – a potentially invasive species, threatening to replace local seaweed species in rockpools.
  • From looking at a range of species over the coming years the project will find out more about Exmoor’s marine life and how it responds to changing conditions, helping protect Exmoor’s marine life.

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