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River Sid Project – Devon Wildlife Trust & The Sid Vale Association

During July to September, in times of good weather when the water level is low and the water clear, DBRC staff are providing botanical survey support for this project.  River corridor surveys require three people with focus on both of the river banks and within the watercourse itself.  Scott West, the DWT Rivers Officer will be conducting invertebrate surveys and where possible, carrying out some electrofishing surveys.

DBRC are producing maps for the surveys, based on the original maps from the 1990s but with an OS map base.  Aerial photos will also be provided where applicable to assist in the survey. The work will concentrate on the Roncombe Stream and Snod Brook, as well as the River Sid.  The Wool Brook may be included depending on conditions at the time of survey and resources available.  Predominately identifying areas for future enhancement or additional focus, the project is liaising with numerous landowners and working with officers from the Sid Vale Association.

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