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Recording & Monitoring the hidden habitats and sites of Exmoor – ENPA Partnership Fund

The project aims to deliver measurable improvements to the local sites framework on Exmoor. This framework identifies and protects locally and nationally important habitats outside of SSSI’s.  DBRC will be identifying and surveying 15 Unconfirmed Wildlife Sites with a view to designating them as County Wildlife Sites if they meet the criteria.

The work we will be carrying out specifically meets a number of identified actions within the ENPA partnership plan, and key outputs include:

Increasing knowledge of the habitats and species present on the park.  

Creating opportunities for land management advice and signposting towards funded support for wildlife sensitive practices on appropriate sites.  

Provision of increased protection within the local plan where sites are designated as CWS status

Post survey, DBRC will use a desk based exercise to review local sites across both the Devon and Somerset areas of Exmoor.  This high level strategic overview of the sites framework within the project will be paramount to ENPA’s ability to manage, positively influence and report on these sites in future years.  Importantly, many of these local sites may be integral to the connectivity and resilience of the parks threatened species such as heath fritillary, nightjar, ballerina waxcap and nightjar.

Prioritisation of local sites within the framework - informing strategy for targeting of survey and monitoring over the term of the current partnership plan.

The project is supported by the ENPA partnership fund, and it is hoped that it may assist in creating opportunities for more formalised survey of local sites across the park in future.

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