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Operation Otter

‘Operation Otter’ is a volunteer-led, quarterly otter survey which takes place across Devon. The survey Ellie_croppedhas been running for over 10 years since 1997 and involves 100 volunteers or 'Otter Spotters'.

'Otter spotters' survey a stretch of river, usually close to where they live and look for signs of otters and mink such as droppings and footprints. The survey usually takes half a day and is run in March, June, September and December. Survey forms are sent out before each survey season. Click here for more information about becoming an 'Otter Spotter'.

Otters are legally protected under the Wildlife and countryside act schedule 5, listed on the NERC 41 act as well as being a Devon BAP and UKBAP species. DBRC uses the information collected by the Operation Otter Surveyors to help inform decisions on planning applications and development. The records are also used by students and researchers studying otter and mink populations


Otter on River Dart taken by Eric Davies

Download our otter Factsheet or click here for more information on how to survey for otters

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