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Sub Catchment data analysis


DBRC have been engaged to secure a broad spectrum of biodiversity and land use data to contribute to project monitoring and project development for the Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area (NIA) and Working Wetlands (WW) project.  Accessing a wide range of existing data sets, some of which are listed below, DBRC are looking at over 40 identified sub catchments.  The resulting information will direct on-the-ground strategies for both the NIA and WW teams.

Sub catchments
All statutory sites (biodiversity not geo-diversity)
Local site database
Sites database
Woodland inventory
Plantation on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS)
DBRC species database
EA Watercourses
Water Framework Directive
Agricultural land classification
Rural Land Registry
Landcover 2010
Parish Biodiversity Audit
NIA land visited (dated from WW data 2009 onwards, AND NIA data from 2012 onwards, if possible, i.e. 2 sub-sets of data)
Area of land currently in agri-environment schemes / secured positive management

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