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Natural England Habitat Surveillance Pilot Project

This Project tests new approaches to structured habitat surveillance across Lowland Heath, Lowland Meadow and Lowland Fen priority habitat sites (outside of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and environmental stewardship land).

The pilots are being delivered by Local Record Centres across the South West in a regional contract and will test factors such as the practicality of securing site access permissions, survey methodologies, capture of habitat type and condition data and surveyor consistency.

For those habitats selected, the pilots will provide a baseline of their condition and contribute to defining how assessments are made to determine if appropriate habitat management is in place.  In addition the pilots will help assess the accuracy of existing information on the current distribution and extent of these habitats and the statistical robustness of the assessments.

The pilot project is run in parallel to Natural England’s own in-house monitoring and it is anticipated that the project will enable changes in the condition of existing habitat resource to be assessed and related to factors such as management regime.

During this project DBRC have adhered to strict methodologies and data gathering protocols to deliver science led outcomes.
Lowland meadow at Ruggadon Nature Reserve

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