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Life on the Verge Project (Tarka Country Trust)

Life on the Verge Project/Tarka Country Trust

Road verges are an important wildlife resource and an integral part of Devon's heritage. They provide a range of habitats and are increasingly important wildlife corridors for threatened species and pollinators. They also provide one of the only opportunities for us to see wildflowers on a daily basis, in towns and villages, as well as in a largely intensively managed countryside.

DBRC are providing a series of workshops for local communities in the project area who are interested in managing their ‘Special Verges’. These workshops include training in botanical plant ID skills, and associated data recording which will allow residents to monitor these habitats as well as input into their future management.

'Special verges'
There are 15 verges in the Biosphere Reserve that have previously been identified as
 ' special verges ' which we will be re-surveying as part of the project, but we are looking to survey more than just these. After survey, with the help of volunteers, selected verges that aren't currently as diverse as they could be, or at risk of deterioration, will be enhanced by simple management techniques (click here for Plantife's Good Verge Guide).

The project partners include the North Devon Biosphere and Devon County Council, and it is hoped that this pilot project can have a wider influence within Devon in the years to come.

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