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To order your data search please complete the data request form below. If you prefer to download this form, click here. Please make sure you provide us with a grid reference or attach a site map.

We will e-mail you the results of your data search within 10 working days unless you choose the 'urgent' option on the form. If you have a data request you wish to discuss, please contact us directly. For members of the public or students, please see our charging policy.

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Standard terrestrial data search

A standard data search includes statutory and non-statutory sites and legally protected and notable species records around a small site or central grid reference.
1km search £120 + VAT
2km search £200 + VAT

Standard marine data search

A standard marine data search includes includes megafauna sightings, notable species and marine habitats including sabellaria reefs and seagrass beds.
1km search £120 + VAT
2km search £200 + VAT

Bat Search

Bat species records are included in the terrestrial data search but you may require bats over a larger area, roost data or want just bat species in your data search. A bat data search will bring up detailed bat species records we hold within your specified area including abundances and roost data. These include records from Natural England, consultants and incidental records. Please note we do not hold records for Devon bat group. To access their records you will need to contact them directly.

2km bat search £49 + VAT (includes GHB £5 levy)
4km bat search £71 + VAT (includes GHB £5 levy)

Devon Countywide Greater Horseshoe Bat Project (GBH levy)

As project partners, Devon Biodiversity Record Centre and the Devon Bat Group are encouraging support of this project through a small voluntary levy to their 'bat data searches', this joint initiative between the two organisations will run during the projects initial set up and delivery stages. We hope you are able to support the project in this way. [Read More]

Devon Countywide Greater Horseshoe Bat Project

The vision of the Countywide Greater Horseshoe Bat project is to support the long term persistence and enhancement of greater horseshoe bat populations through linked landscape scale conservation initiatives across Devon. The project will take an ecosystems approach to secure resilient and ecologically coherent landscapes. This will benefit not only greater horseshoe bats but also a wide range of other species that depend on extensively managed, well connected pastoral habitats. For more information on the project go to -

I want to opt out of paying the £5 GHB levy

Habitat data search

A habitat data search will include BAP habitats and Strategic Nature Areas.

1km habitat search £66 + VAT
2km habitat search £88 + VAT

Other data search

If you require a different type of data search e.g. FEP data search, site only search, data request from student or search over a different size of area - please provide us with further details and we will come back to you with a quote


I declare that the information supplied will not be put to any other use than that stated above, nor communicated to any person other than those directly involved.


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