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Exeter Biodiversity Reference Map

Devon Wildlife Trust/Exeter City Council

DBRC created a Biodiversity Reference Map for the Exeter Wild City Project in 2011. The map is to be updated on a regular basis and available to download from the Devon Wildlife Trust website. The most recent update took place in August 2015 using recent County Wildlife Site monitoring forms and aerial photos.
The map identifies where the city’s most important wildlife habitats are as well as other areas of green space that may hold some wildlife value and form a Biodiversity Network through the city. The most important habitats are referred to as Habitats of Principal Importance (the same as UK Biodiversity Action Plan habitats) and include areas of flower-rich grassland, broadleaved woodland, wetlands and hedgerows.

The original map was produced using several different data sources including a Phase 1 habitat assessment and County Wildlife Site survey work carried out in 2002. County Wildlife Site monitoring surveys carried out in 2009, 2010 and 2015 have also been used to create and update the map. Extensive aerial photo analysis has also been employed with ground truthing of surveys where possible.

The map is designed for anyone that has an interest in the future ecological health of the city including city planners and land management staff. 

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