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East Devon AONB SNA mapping project

Strategic Nature Areas (SNAs) represent a landscape-scale approach to nature conservation.  They provide a framework for planning both the conservation and expansion of semi-natural habitats, thus providing the connectivity within the landscape necessary to enable plants and animals to migrate and establish sustainable populations and communities. 

Usually, each SNA focuses on a single UK BAP priority habitat.  However, they are not intended to imply that all of the SNA should be restored to that habitat in the future.  Depending on the habitat in question, the rebuilding biodiversity methodology set theoretical targets for the cover of that habitat, of other semi-natural habitat and of other land uses within the SNA.

DBRC have been engaged to refine identified Strategic Nature Areas (SNA) for East Devon AONB and adjacent areas that fall within the Blackdowns National Character Area, to create a more robust and ground tested series of GIS based maps that will enable the targeted development of landscape scale habitat and landscape improvements.

The data will confirm existing and unrecorded habitat networks within the wider landscape matrix and identify protection, restoration and creation opportunities.  It will enable more detailed consultation with communities and landowners by the AONB team in delivery of the AONB Management Plan Priorities.60_opportunities_map_grassland

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