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Manager - Ian Egerton Ian

  • Responsible for the strategic and daily management of DBRC, client liaison and business development.
  • First point of contact for new clients, partnerships and project development.
  • Facilitates DBRC Executive Group & Forum.

Ian has over 20 years of experience in the built environment including sustainable construction, planning and new homes development.  His longstanding passion for the natural environment led him to his current role. Having managed regional development projects over the last few years for SW Wildlife Trusts and Natural England, Ian is well placed to balance the commercial aspects of DBRC with its partnership aims and environmental objectives.

Contact:  Tel: 01392 274128

DBRC Officer (Botanical and Projects) - Philip Sansum


  • Responsible for developing DBRC’s botanical and other surveys with the aim of strengthening the evidence base needed to address key questions about Devon’s environment, biodiversity and natural capital.
  • Responsible for working with volunteers to increase knowledge and skills in the recording community
  • Responsible for exploring new sources of data anticipating and helping to meet the future environmental evidence needs for biodiversity conservation in Devon

Philip joined DBRC in late 2017 having previously worked for several years on projects researching, digitally mapping and surveying semi-natural woodland in different parts of the UK. He has an ecological sciences background and has undertaken research in historical ecology and palaeoecology. He is an active botanical recorder and BSBI member as well as a keen Lepidoptera recorder.

Contact:  Tel: 01392 274128

Record Centre Officer - Ellie KnottEllie

  • Responsible for the technical aspects of DBRC work such as complex data analysis and the development of DBRC's databases (MapInfo, ArcGIS, Recorder 6, MapMate and Marine Recorder).
  • Ensures that organisations with a Service Level Agreement or Data Agreement receive data and services as agreed.
  • Assists with the negotiation of agreements with a range of organisations which collect and/or use environmental data e.g. the Environment Agency, Natural England, Local Authorities, local recording groups.

Ellie has 17 years of experience in Local Records Centre work, as well as a degree in Biology from Bangor (University of Wales) and a Masters in Ecology from Durham University. She has been trained in MapInfo, Access, advanced Excel and Recorder 6. She is particularly interested in reptiles, amphibians and mammals and is a founder member of the Devon Reptile and Amphibian Group, and a long-term committee member of the Devon Mammal Group.

Contact:  Tel: 01392 274128

Record Centre Officer - Alex Worsley

  • Experienced botanical surveyor over a wide variety of habitats. Alexsurveying
  • Project management on the Biodiversity Monitoring Framework, focusing on the survey and condition assessment of County Wildlife Sites throughout Devon. Responsible for landowner liaison, data management, report writing and providing management advice.
  • Strong GIS skills.
  • Volunteer management.

Alex has worked at DBRC since 2013, initially as a volunteer on the CWS trainee scheme, before being offered a place as DBRC assistant. He is currently employed as an officer. Alex has a very keen interest in botany and has developed these skills to a high level both through his work at DBRC and in his own time. As well as the BMF Alex is also responsible for managing or assisting on a diverse array of other survey projects and providing botanical and GIS training to our long term volunteers.

 Contact:  Tel: 01392 274128

Record Centre Assistant – Stuart NorrisStuart

  • Assists with data management.
  • Assists with data searches.
  • Assists with projects.

Stuart started working for DBRC in July 2017 after finishing a PhD. Whilst here he has applied his skills in data analysis and interpretation, providing new approaches to data management and associated technical development in this area. In addition to Stuarts PhD from Harper Adams University & Rothamsted Research Stuart also has a BSc in Environmental Science and an MSc in Botanical Conservation from Plymouth University.

Contact:  Tel: 01392 27412.

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