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County Wildlife Site data

Devon Wildlife Trust/Devon County Council

DBRC holds the definitive, up to date, County Wildlife Sites (CWS) dataset.  The data is held as GIS layers, as CWS_in_Devon_mapwell as detailed survey information for each site, and is used on a daily basis by DBRC e.g. for screening planning applications, to help with land management and for data searches – for developers, landowners, consultants and members of the public to ensure sensitive habitats and species are not damaged. DBRC adheres to the Data Protection Act and landowner information always remains confidential and is not passed onto any third parties.

County Wildlife Sites are not a legal or statutory designation, so do not receive statutory protection.  However, they are covered by Planning Policy Statement Note 9 (PPS9) and Local Authorities are required to include policies in their Local Development Frameworks to protect them from development.  Find out more about the County Wildlife Sites survey programme and how CWS are designated.

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