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Building Resilience in South West Woodlands (Plantlife)

This project focuses on Atlantic woodlands within Important Plant Areas that centre on Dartmoor, Exmoor and the Quantocks and north Devon and north Cornwall due to the past records of Lobarion community and other lichen communities and species known to be part of Atlantic woodland assemblages. The project has been developed in response to a range of needs that have arisen from past, new and emerging threats to these woodlands and associated lower plant species. A key driver is building resilience within the woodlands in response to the impacts of climate change, land management constraints and economic pressures on woodland owners.

DBRC are leading the mapping of potential sites using existing habitat data, and overlaying additional biodiversity and environmental datasets to increase the partnerships understanding of the distribution of these communities. This modelling work will identify key sites in which to focus in depth ground-truthing, which will be stage 2 of DBRC’s input in the development phase. Our survey team will work alongside experts from Plantlife and other organisations when gathering on site information, whilst engaging citizen science and training opportunities, expanding peoples understanding of Atlantic woodlands.

We are currently in the first year of what is hoped will be a five year project.

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