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In 2016, DBRC worked with Chudleigh parish council at the Chudleigh 'Bioblitz'. This was part of Chudfest - a festival run by the Parish of Chudleigh that provides entertainment, education and art within Chudleigh parish.

The aim of the bioblitz was to record as many species as possible over a 24 hour period in the parish of Chudleigh. DBRC's role during the Bioblitz was to collate all the species records and keep tabs on how many different species records had been recorded at any one time. During the bioblitz a total of 571 species were recorded from a range of taxon groups. This included 118 species of moth.

DBRC has worked with other organisations to run community wildlife recording events including the Blackdown Hills AONB wildlife discovery day in 2016.

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