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Active Neighbourhoods Project (Devon Wildlife Trust & Plymouth City Council)

Active Neighbourhoods is a joint project with Plymouth City Council, and employs an Urban Ranger who is actively working with local communities to improve access and understanding of a number of key green spaces in the city

DBRC are providing bespoke training opportunities for these communities, and baseline survey of sites without existing biodiversity information.

Volunteer friends groups will be set up and supported to develop improvement and management plans for these areas. The project team will work with friends groups, partners (such as Plymouth Public Health and Plymouth Community Homes) and local people to deliver these plans. 

Improvements to Plymouth's green spaces

Improvements might include better access paths, more welcoming entrances and signage, along with more seating. Plans will also be drawn up with local residents aimed at making the spaces better for local birds, bats, bumblebees, butterflies and other wildlife. The small team behind the project will work together with partners and the community to put on lots of exciting events and activities throughout the year.

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